Ecology of Naididae {(Oligochaeta)} from an alkaline bog stream: life history patterns and community structure

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1986
Authors:M. Smith
Keywords:Chaetogaster diaphanus, Chaetogaster diastrophus, Dero digitata, Dero nivea, Naididae, Population Dynamics, Pristina leidyi

Abstract Population and community dynamics of naidid oligochaetes were studied from June {1982–December} 1983 in a sluggish, alkaline bog stream situated within Cedarburg Bog, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, {USA.} Temporal differences in periods of peak abundance were observed for five species studied in detail: Chaetogaster diaphanus {(mid-August} and September), Chaetogaster diastrophus {(mid-May),} Dero digitata {(mid-September),} Dero nivea {(mid-October),} and Pristina leidyi {(mid-October).} Several correlations of abiotic and biotic parameters to density and percentage of naidids reproducing asexually were calculated. Mean doubling times (days) for field populations were 12.1, 22.7, 62.4, 19.6, 27.7 for C. diaphanus, C. diastrophus, D. digitata, D. nivea, and P. leidyi, respectively. Asexual reproduction by paratomy was the principal method of population increase. Sexual specimens were observed for Stylaria lacustris during June and {October–December,} D. digitata in September, C. diastrophus and Nais simplex during October, and C. diaphanus in {October–November.} Generally, a high proportion of the respective population was sexually mature when this type of reproduction occurred. Naididae community diversity index values using the {Shannon-Weaver} index ranged from 0.19–3.86.

URL:internal-pdf://Smith 1987 - ecology of naididae-0345075978/Smith 1987 - ecology of naididae.pdf
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